Donate to the Story

The CSP is in its infancy and is currently operating on a very small budget supported by the tours and sales of our historic prints.  This hardly covers a percent of the operating costs of research, planning, marketing and most importantly, advertising.

We are still classified as a “partnership” business status and as of yet not received any outside funding to support this project.  To have this story told, to the point where it will have a significant impact on the local economy, will take a substantial investment.  We want to implement attractions and services that will entice tourists to take the trek off the major route and experience Crisfield, the Islands and what all of Somerset County has to offer.

If you would like to contribute any amount, we would be more than appreciative.

Checks can be mailed to:

L. Paden, 1 Cove St. Crisfield, MD 21817

We also accept Paypal, please email:

Thank you.